24 July 2014

White Wabbit

Inspiration for the day:

23 July 2014

My Stock Picks for July 23

Using all my filters, scans, and what-nots, here's what shows up:


Out of those, the ones I'm going to watch closest tomorrow are:


Interesting that there are quite a few REITs popping up. And, looks like I'm late to the game with HA for sure. Maybe fly on JBLU tomorrow instead....

18 July 2014

Is This The Scariest Chart In IBM's History? | Zero Hedge

Is This The Scariest Chart In IBM's History? | Zero Hedge:

Moments ago IBM reported revenues and EPS that both beat expectations and yet the stock is sliding after hours. We may have an idea why, and it has to do with the scariest chart in IBM's history, which we first revealed three months ago and which just got scarier.
It's not this chart of IBM's ninth consecutive decline in revenues, which was scary enough in its own right:

Nor this chart showing the ridiculous amounts of money IBM has spent each quarter on artificially boosting its EPS through stock buybacks, reducing the total number of Big Blue shares to below 1 billion for the first time in years:

Or this chart showing that every dollar of debt IBM has raised since 2012 has gone toward buying back stock and then some:

Nor even this chart showing that the Net Debt of IBM has risen by a ludicrous 55% in the past year to a record $36.8 billion (but... but... record cash on the sidelines)...
It is this chart, indicating that as of Q2, IBM had a higher total debt/equity ratio than just after the Lehman collapse and, after last quarater's already record high ratio.
One of these days even the criminally corrupt and always amusing chimps at S&P and Moody's will finally have to notice what is going on here.

17 July 2014

RIP Johnny

Blues legend Johnny Winter dies at 70 in Zurich - Washington Times:

GENEVA (AP) — Texas blues icon Johnny Winter, who rose to fame in the late 1960s and ‘70s for his energetic performances and musical collaborations including with childhood hero Muddy Waters, has died. He was 70.

His representative, Carla Parisi, confirmed Thursday that Winter died in a hotel room in Zurich a day earlier. The statement said his wife, family and bandmates were all saddened by the loss of one of the world’s finest guitarists.

He had been on an extensive tour this year that brought him to Europe. His last performance came Saturday at the Lovely Days Festival in Wiesen, Austria.

Winter was one of the most popular live acts of the early 1970s, when his signature fast blues guitar solos attracted a wide following.

His career received a big boost early on when Rolling Stone magazine singled him out as one of the best blues guitarists on the Texas scene. This helped secure a substantial recording contract from Columbia Records and gave him a wide following among college students and young blues fans.

The magazine later named him one of the 100 greatest guitarists of all time.

Winter, who was instantly recognizable for his long white hair, worked with some of the greatest bluesmen, producing several albums for Waters and recording with John Lee Hooker. He paid homage to Waters on “Tribute to Muddy,” a song from his 1969 release “The Progressive Blues Experiment.”

Among the blues classics that Winter played from that era were “Rollin’ and Tumblin’,” ”Bad Luck and Trouble” and “Good Morning, Little Schoolgirl.” He also teamed up with his brother Edgar for their 1976 live album “Together.”

Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/jul/17/blues-legend-johnny-winter-dies-at-70-in-zurich/#ixzz37kXQ8LK5
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05 July 2014

Train Derails In Montana, Dumps Boeing Fuselages Into River | Zero Hedge

Train Derails In Montana, Dumps Boeing Fuselages Into River | Zero Hedge:

Until now, whenever Warren Buffett's preferred mode of industrial transportation - that would be trains - derailed, it would usually involve spilling generous amounts of oil into the surrounding area, far more than any hypothetical pipeline disaster to date would have resulted in. Then, in an apparent first, overnight a train derailed in Montana and spilled fuselages of Boeing 737 airplanes into the Clark Fork River. One wonder if all of these airplane orders had been funded by the Ex-Im bank.
From King5.com:
The investigation continues into the derailment of a train near the town of Superior, Montana Thursday night.

Some of the cars carried aircraft components.

Nineteen cars on the westbound train derailed. Three of the cars contained aircraft parts and ended up in the Clark Fork River. Sources tell KING5 the parts were heading to Boeing in Renton.

Crews spent the night and into this morning cleaning up.
Photos from the derailment site:
In any event, since the capital order will have to go through twice, expect a bumper month when it comes to July Durable Goods, and thus Q3 GDP. In retrospect, the "derailed airplane fuselage" theory of economic growth may soon replace the "broken window" falacy as a means to "boost" the US economy.